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New Jersey's
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See below for the Dates and Locations of the 2017 NJSDC

Officials Training Clinics



Stroke and Turn Officials Training Presentation


The purpose of officials at a swimming event is to ensure that all swimmers are provided a fair and level playing field. In other word, the purpose of an official is not to chastise or punish a swimmer, rather it is to ensure that no one swimmer obtains an unfair advantage over another. In order to do this, the official is expected to know the technicals rules as they apply to each stroke. In addition meet referees are expected to have control over the deck at all times and be aware of all aspects of operations of the meet.

While this may seem a daunting task at times, it become easier with practice. We certainly hope that each event is run in as professional and objective manner as possible, however it is understood that mistakes will be made. Officials should strive to learn from mistakes and increase their confidence and abilities each time they serve as an official.

One way to improve is to use all available resources to reinforce your training. If you have any questions, contact your league coordinator, or any member of the NJSDC Executive committee. If we don't have the answer, we will get it for you or direct you to the appropriate resource.

Our goal is consistancy, your participation is crucial to that end!

• As with last year, officials with CURRENT US Swimming or YMCA or JCC officiating credentials are exempt from having to attend any of these clinics, however you must send a scanned copy of your certification card or certificaation certificate.

• Please also include a valid email address so that you can be added to the officials distribution list.


• All others, in order to officiate, you must attend ONE of the clinics listed below. Once you have attended, you will be given the link for an online test. You must pass the test with a 80% or above, and a certificate will be generated and emailed to you. The certificate should be presented to the Referee at any swim meet you attend and officiate at, upon request.

2017 Official Clinics